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Monday, November 05, 2012

Specific instruction for finding your Wisconsin voting, polling information

Remember that residents in Congressman Paul Ryan's Congressional District 1, MUST remember to vote Ryan for Congress  IN ADDITION to voting for the Romney/Ryan Presidential ticket. If you fail to remember, the Democrat Congressman could win and Republicans will lose the seat.

Wisconsin State Assembly District residents in Paul Farrow's District 98 and Chris Kapenga's District 99 must vote for them in TWO places on their ballots:Once in the Assembly race and again in the Wisconsin State Senate 33rd District Primary. If you forget to vote for Farrow or Kapenga in Assembly races, the opposing Democrats could prevail.

Voting and Poll Information: If you don't know what districts you live in, you can find your specific ballot by looking up your sample ballot at the GAB's My Vote Wisconsin website. Once there, click the Click here to visit My Vote Wisconsin link at lower left side of the page. Then pick your voter category; most of you will click the Regular Voter link on the left side of the page. Then you fill in your name and birth-date in the Voter Search section, and click the Search button. This will bring up your voting address status below the thick maroon line. Click on YOUR NAME written in caps to the left of your address.  Now your specific Voter Profile page comes up, with municipality and ward listed. Click the Sample Ballot link on the left link list (5th from the top). At last you will see the races and candidates names and party affiliation listed! If you don't know where to vote, click the 4th from top Election & Polling Place Info link, and your polling location will be listed. (You can also bring up your entire Voting History at your address, by clicking the 8th link down. Interesting.)

Phew! Doesn't the government make this easy? If you know what districts you live in for Congressional, State Senate, and Assembly, you can just look up who is on the ballot here.

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