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Saturday, January 27, 2007

East High School will NOT have 4 min. response time if we relocate station #2

I don't know why I did not see this before. Look at the maps .

East High School is NOT inside the 4 minute window of Fire/EMS service. It currently looks to be within 2 minutes!

These days, with the bomb threats and violence in our schools, prompt Fire/EMS service has never been more important.

Did the Task Force just overlook the lack of East High School's coverage, or did they choose to discount that need because it did not fit into their plan? I don't know. It seems that they pick and choose which issues are important. Example: I was surprised that Chief Dahms and the Task Force did not think an immediate interstate access was necessary for a fire station location. In fact, they said at the HRPS meeting, a longer distance to the freeway would be a good thing. I would bet that if the station gets moved to Calhoun and Greenfield, an immediate freeway access will be needed, for safety sake.

It is becoming clear that something needs to be done to update the fire houses. That does not need to translate to relocating them to an inferior location.

All I ask is that people really look at the proposal and THINK it through! The aldermen need to study it for themselves before they vote.


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