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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Whose Master Plan are we following anyway? Part 1

As I stated in What is our City thinking? Moving the fire stations is a BIG MISTAKE!, moving the fire stations is illogical. When things don’t add up, follow the money. Who does it make sense for?

This is the way I see it, in 3 parts.
Part 1:
Suppose there was a developer who wanted to build a huge convention center on Bluemound Road. He saw the potential in some vacant farm land on Bluemound and in an adjacent older farm on Calhoun Road. Calhoun is just a two lane, rural road; however, it does pass under the interstate. The developer knows an interchange and widened road are necessary for a successful convention center. Successful developments translate to good return on investment.

There is also a small strip mall, gas station, and office building on the corner of this acreage, but the developer knows in due time, those could be purchased too. The strip mall and gas station owners do not want to sell. Eminent domain may be necessary to obtain those properties. He can wait for them.

Unfortunately, there is a grade school located in the middle of this prime real estate on the Calhoun side. How could he get that? In May of 2003, he offers to build the community a new school on the district’s land a few miles east of this location in exchange for the existing grade school.

Meanwhile, he purchases the old Ruby farm and vacant WTMJ land, and buys the tiny office building too. That just leaves the school, gas station and strip mall. Once those properties are obtained, the entire corner is his. Unfortunately, the community isn’t so thrilled with his swap idea and they vote it down--big time. Once, in an interview, this developer attributed his success to his patience. He probably has not given up on the idea of owning the school property.

To be continued


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