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Friday, January 12, 2007

Fantasy vs. Reality

Have you ever remodeled? We did in 1995. When deciding on the scope of our project, our first consideration was BUDGET. How much could we afford? Budget constraints dictated our project’s size.

Now think about the price tags on the proposed 2 high schools renovations (around $110 million for reno and field houses) and 2 fire station remodeling estimates (I think that was around $4-5 million). They are nearly the cost of building entirely new facilities of $125 million and $6 million. How can that be? Is that by coincidence or design?

A few reasons pop into my mind: remodeling costs per square foot are higher than new construction, a BUDGET was never considered to be necessary, and they want you to logically conclude that remodeling is foolish—you need to build new!

If I came to you (that middle of the road average priced homeowner in Brookfield) and said, What don’t you like about your home? What do you want to change? I suspect the price tag on that fantasy remodeling job would be much higher than building a new home with all the features and space your imagination could conjure up.

But, what if I came to you and said, What items absolutely need repairing or improving? You have $25,000 to $50,000 to spend. You then might get serious and say, well, my roof needs replacing, or since we had the twins, we could use an extra bedroom.

You would then work out a remodeling budget and get SEVERAL bids for the project.

Is this how our city or school district does it? According to the 2 Fire Station remodeling project estimates and 2 high school remodeling cost estimates it does not seem so.

We, the taxpayers, must live in the real world. Our government lives in the fantasy world of: the taxpayers are footing the bill so why should we hold back?

3 Fire sations all in a row. Really? A Want? A need? Or just illogical?

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