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Saturday, January 20, 2007

What is our City thinking? Moving the fire stations is a BIG MISTAKE! (UPDATE)

I don’t know why I did not think of this sooner. Maybe because it was so obvious, it was inconceivable that our city would not have taken it into consideration: IF THE CITY OF BROOKFIELD HAS DESIGNS ON ANNEXING* THE TOWN OF BROOKFIELD, WHY WOULD THEY MOVE THEIR ONLY EAST SIDE FIRE STATIONS CLOSER TO THEIR NEWLY ACQUIRED WEST SIDE FIRE STATION? (Town of Brookfield's fire house on Bluemound and Janacek Rds.--near Fun World)

It is pretty obvious that the City of Brookfield is interested in annexing the Town of Brookfield. Our borders have been steadily expanding to the west over the years, and it was a topic of discussion during the last mayoral campaign. Mayor Speaker even funded a study on the feasibility of annexation.

So if we are gradually moving in the westerly direction, why would we choose to move our east side fire stations in that direction too? What would be the motivation to do that?

If you get out a Brookfield map, you can see that the City of Brookfield is divided into 1 square mile sections—bordered by our major roads. UPDATE: The Town sent this proposal to Mayor Speaker and the aldermen on Saturday. Pages 3 & 4 show the existing locations and proposed. (More on this in a later blog.)

Fire Station 2, on Lilly and Capitol, is situated 1 mile south of our city’s border with Butler/Menomonee Falls and 1 mile west of Wauwatosa. Currently, its farthest boundary to the west is 3 ½ miles—and that last ½ mile is sparsely populated. So we could say the maximum area served is 3 miles to the west plus 1 mile north or south of Capitol. Any location within its territory, in general, would be within 4 miles of travel.

Fire Station 3 is located about ½ mile north of our southern boundary with New Berlin and 2 miles from our densely populated eastern border with West Allis. It is 3 miles from our not so populated western border with the Town of Brookfield. Most of its territory would be within a 4 mile travel distance. Its present location is ideally suited to the “HOT ZONE” of the interstate, hotels, and Brookfield Square.

Fire station 1 at the Safety Building, is located 3 miles from our east/west and north/south boundaries—right in the center of our community. It can serve the northwest area, due west, or even the south. Currently, it is serving the western most area of the city along Gebhardt or North Ave. at a total travel distance of 3 ½ to 4 miles. This 3 ½ to 4 mile distance must be an acceptable travel distance, since this distance will not be improved under the NEW FIRE STATION LOCATION plan.

Now look at proposed locations for Fire Station 2 & 3. Moving them to Capitol & Calhoun and Greenfield & Calhoun will NOT improve the east/west distances. Station 2 will still have a maximum of 4 miles or more travel distance, and station 3 will be moved away from the HOT ZONE and have maximum of nearly 4 miles travel distance.


Now if you factor in the possibility of either forming some agreement with the Town of Brookfield for sharing their Town Hall fire house (just 1 ½ miles west of Calhoun Road). OR, jump to the future when the Town is annexed to the City. We will now have all of our fire stations within 2 to 2 ½ miles of each other but still have the maximum travel distances over 4 miles to the east. THIS DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE!!!

When things do not make logical sense, follow the money. Who does it make sense for? Certainly not the taxpayers.

Coming up in my next blog: Whose Master Plan are we following?

The Brookfield News article, “Fire service issue continues to smolder between city, town” posted that residents with questions about this relocation should call Director of Administration Dean Marquardt at 262-796-9650 and Fire Chief John Dahms at 262-782-8932. I would think you could email Marquardt too. I could not find him on the new website, but you might try or put his name in the subject line and email to

Contact the Aldermen and City officials with your concerns. The Fire/EMS Task Force Report Public Information Meeting question/comment form reads:
The purpose of this meeting is to gather information from interested residents through written questions and provide a broad overview of the Task Force work to date. Staff will research and provide a written response for each question. This information will be assembled into a report and presented to the elected officials for their policy deliberation. Your questions, concerns and other relevant information to this project are an important part of the public policy process. Be sure to include your name, address, and phone number with your comments.

City of Brookfield Fire Station Information

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*FYI I am not in favor of annexing the Town. I believe the Town should have the right to remain the town. I do believe in cooperation however.


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