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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Alderman Lisa Mellone's District 7 update: 3 new development projects

My District 7 Alderman, Lisa Mellone, does a great job of keeping us informed! The following is her email district update of important issues, most notably, Fountain Brook Crossing coming before the plan commission this week. (Emphasis added)

District 7 Residents of the City of Brookfield,

This coming Monday night, Feb. 11th, the Plan Commission will be presented with a digital three dimensional model of the proposed Fountain Brook Crossing office building to be located on the NE corner of Greenfield and Moorland roads. The meeting starts at 7 pm and this item is 2nd on the agenda. The meeting is open to the public but there is not an opportunity for residents to speak. (see for more info)

A proposal from Thomson Corp. for the final phase of the Brookfield Common’s development (Pick N Save and retail space on Greenfield Ave.) will also be on the Feb. 11th Plan Commission agenda. The proposal is for two additional buildings of which one will be retail and the other a bank. This item is last on the agenda (discussion will most likely occur at 9:30 pm or later).

It was just announced today that VK Development will give an update on development plans for the former WTMJ and Ruby Farm properties near the SW corner of Calhoun and Bluemound roads. They will present to the Swanson Site Review team at Swanson Elementary on Tuesday, Feb. 12th at 7:30 AM. This meeting is open to the public.

Lastly, thank you for your patience as city crews worked 16-24 hour shifts to clear roads during Wednesday’s snowstorm. I am told it is difficult for our plow service to keep up when the snow falls at a rate greater than 1 inch per hour. Wednesday’s storm at times came at 2-4 inches per hour. Total accumulation in Brookfield was 16”. This was our largest snowfall in a 24 hour period since 1960.

Thank you for taking the time to stay informed. Please forward this email to other Brookfield residents who desire to stay informed on community matters. If you read or heard something city related that you have questions about, please call or email me. I will try to clarify, and if I do not have an answer, I will get it for you.

Please go to for more info on the above development proposals.

Spring is around the corner – really, it is.

Lisa Mellone

District 7 Alderperson


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