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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Guest posting: Referendum: a blank check to build or add athletic facilities?

Hi Taxpayer,

You have the opportunity to decide between academics and athletics, a referendum decision for $62 million of your future tax dollars.

When asked for more specifics on March 1st, the Elmbook Director of Communications Andy Smith responded ... " Thank you for your question. I am in the process of learning the figures and will get them to you". We have heard nothing since then, we encourage you to contact Mr. Smith for verification and more detail.

While we share the education priorities many of you also have, at the same time we question the 'blank-check' referendum being offered. The Elmbrook School District used to be ranked # 1, throwing money at the problem without more accountability won't help our youth get the education they need.

Again, for what it's worth, you get to decide the merit of adding hundreds of dollars to your tax bills. If the Elmbrook Director is still in the process of learning the figures for this new referendum, how many more blank-checks do you want to issue for non-education ?

Marcy & David Schmidt

David Schmidt's original question to Andy Smith, Director of Communications, School District of Elmbrook, via email on 3/01/08

Exactly how much is allocated to build or add gymnasium/athletic facilities?

What percentage of the total referendum amount?

Andy Smith's reply on Monday, March 10, 2008

Hello David:
Thank you for your question. I am in the process of learning the figures and will get them to you.
Thanks for your interest and for taking the time to write. Quite a bit of additional information may be found on the district website,

Thank you.

Andy Smith
Director of Communications
School District of Elmbrook

Andy Smith was good enough to send me the Projected Cost Allocations (Cost per square foot) on March 20th.

Nearly all of the new construction, about 82, 671 out of 85,146
square feet, is for gym and gym related space.

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