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Friday, October 16, 2015

Ernst Klaus brings us "The Bible and Astronomy" & "The Big Bang!" Oct. 27, 2015

Former atheist to present two out-of-this-world PowerPoint talks: “The Bible and Astronomy” and “The Big Bang!”

Area speaker, Ernst Klaus, will present two vitally important PowerPoint talks regarding the creation of our universe at the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee’s October 27th meeting. In his first presentation, “The Bible and Astronomy,” Mr. Klaus will cite many Old and New Testament passages that deal with the heavens, including verses that mention the planets and constellations. He will also touch on the subject of astrology and the “Blood Moon Craze” talked about today.

His second talk, “The Big Bang,” is an expose’ of the currently most popular theory amongst evolutionists of how the universe came into existence. In this presentation, he will discuss why God created light before creating the sun and stars and discuss some of the major scientific deficiencies of the Big Bang, including dark matter, dark energy and black holes.

Evolutionists continue to make great strides in influencing the general public--even Christians--with their false beliefs. Their theories are often taught as fact in public and private schools, on television, and throughout the internet and printed media. NASA and other space agencies continually search for signs of life in our Solar System and beyond. The discovery of the complexity of DNA and cell structures is explained away by a growing belief that intelligent extraterrestrial life must have been the source of life on earth.

These godless philosophies and beliefs demand a biblical and scientific response, such as you will hear in Ernst Klaus’ two presentations. So come to these two important talks and equip yourself with the truth at 6:45 p.m. on Tuesday, October 27, 2015, at Waukesha First Assembly of God, 1314 South Grand Avenue, Waukesha, WI.  (Just north of W. Sunset Drive on South Grand Avenue)

This meeting is free and open to the public and is sponsored by the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee.  Creation literature and DVDs will be available.

About Ernst Klaus: Klaus was born in 1948 in Salzburg, Austria. Four years later, his family immigrated to the United States. Though he attended a parochial school through 7th grade, he didn’t believe the theology taught there was from God and became an atheist in his late teens / early 20’s. But when a friend at work gave him a Bible several years later, he read it and realized it was God’s true word. He accepted Christ as his Savior.

It was not until 2007, however, when he came across a used college astronomy textbook, that he began to search out and address various aspects of the creation vs. evolution debate. He knew that astronomy book he found would contain many ideas that were not biblical, but he was also determined to read it to discover how much the text taught that was not science. Though he was not a scientist, he found “it was easy to see though the many strained theories that had their origin in evolutionist philosophies.” He has continued to investigate and inform himself on the subject ever since and started his ministry as a young earth creationist in the field of astronomy. He has presented many messages and PowerPoints on the subject and created his website, Formed By God, Upholding the BiblicalAccount of Creation, as a resource for those seeking the truth. (  Ernst Klaus and his wife Cathy are members of Grace Baptist Church in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

For details, visit Bible and Astronomy and  

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