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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Concordia's Dr. Jastram discusses first-hand experience with Dead Sea Scrolls, Tuesday, April 27

This Tuesday, April 27th, at 7:30pm, the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee will present a discussion on THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS, given by Dr. Nathan Jastram, Ph. D.

What makes this presentation unique, is that Dr. Jastram actually worked directly with the Scrolls and published a first edition of their contents. He currently is Chair of the Department of Theology and Philosophy at Concordia University in Mequon. His talk will include discussion of "his experiences with the Scrolls, along with their historical and theological significance."

From the CSSM website: "'Many years ago, I worked with the Dead Sea Scrolls in Jerusalem, piecing together fragments of the book of Numbers from Cave 4. On February 5 and 6, it was a great pleasure to introduce the Milwaukee Public Museum’s exhibit of the Scrolls and other archaeological objects to many people in the area, and to discuss how they contribute to our knowledge of the Bible,' said Dr. Jastram."

Whether you have already seen the Milwaukee Public Museum's special Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible exhibit, are planning to visit, or just interested in the Bible and history, Tuesday's presentation at Concordia should prove beneficial. (MPM's Scrolls exhibit runs through June 3rd.) The Scrolls have been dated from 150 BC - 70 AD.

Dr. Jastram's talk is free and open to the general public. It is being held in the Lake Shore Room at Concordia University, just a little north of I-43 and Mequon Road. See map for specifics with map of campus (at bottom). The Lake Shore room is at the midpoint of the campus, southwest of the Chapel.

More on the Scrolls
I went to see MPM's Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible exhibit and found it very interesting. Many other photos and archeological artifacts are also included along with the scrolls.

A few of my favorites were the film footage of the early "experts" with the scrolls. One clip showed a priest who was standing, rolling up the ancient scrolls on his stomach, much like you might roll up a long towel! Check out the photos of the researchers smoking over the Scrolls. They also uses Scotch Tape on some of the fragments.

As for the artifacts, look for the Ossuaries (small limestone bone burial chests), from the time of Christ. One was from Simon of Cyrene, the man the Romans forced to carry Jesus' cross in the Bible. What a coincidence to find a burial box with just that name and that of his son, Alexander (unusual for a Jew), just as mentioned in the Matthew 27:32, Luke 23: 26 and Mark 15: 21.

As I posted in February, my Sunday School teacher, Dr. Gary Gulan, offered a presentation at our church on the Dead Sea Scrolls. He has now posted some of the information from his presentation on his website: Beyond the Pulpit. The Scrolls pages are listed under the category, Articles, then Archeology.

Tuesday night's talk at Concordia offers a rare opportunity to hear from someone who has actually worked with the Scrolls. I think it should not be missed.

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