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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

News from Rally against Vote Fraud at Milw. City Hall - Correction & Update

This morning someone informed me that there would be a noon rally today against Vote Fraud at Milwaukee's City Hall. (It was also posted on This Just In.)

Here is their report from that event: (My emphasis throughout)

"There were only about 25 people there but an African American man spoke out against Rep. Coggs, [Senator]Lena Taylor and other city government officials for being in favor of this bill. Rebecca Kleefisch also spoke (she used to be on WISN TV and is actually running for Lt. Governor ). One other guy spoke and said they were looking for someone from Lena Taylor’s district to start a recall petition against her. She is in charge of the election commission [CORRECTION: Taylor is NOT the Chairman of the Election Committee; It is Coggs who is Chairman of the Senate Labor, Elections and Urban Affairs Committee] and [Taylor] I believe is a sponsor of the bill."[She is.]

"[The flier above is] a copy of the literature they passed out and I spoke to two female retirees who said they are part of the organization and have been attending some of the hearings in Madison. One of the ladies told me they have never been involved in politics before but decided to get involved to see what they could do to stop voter fraud in WI. (This was even before the AB 895 bill.)"

Thank you, Downtown Roving Reporter, for sharing that info. Call Citizens for Responsible Government at 414-573-8709 for more information.

VCYHomefront said this about SB-640 & AB-895: "Some have also dubbed this the ACORN Assistance Act due to a last minute amendment given by Senator Lena Taylor that would give a nationally focused non profit community organizing group access to the entire Dept. of Transportation database to help people register to vote. This database used to belong only to the State of Wisconsin, but now would be open to groups in the entire country."

This piece of legislation is a travesty and moves us in the wrong direction. We already have very liberal voter registration laws--what could be easier than registering at the polls? What Wisconsin really needs if a Photo Voter ID law.

All we can do at this point is call our Senators and Representatives and tell them to vote NO!

UPDATE: I met one of the members of We're Watching Wisconsin Elections today on the bus going to the Madison Tea Party. Turns out, we have met before. Small world.

After the Tea Party, I went into the Capitol to visit my reps. Jim Sullivan wasn't in, but I stated my opposition to the Voter Protection Act and Green Jobs Bill just the same. The aid told me Sullivan was NOT supporting SB 640! Hmmm, more on that later.

State Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen's Letter to Senator Decker, Senator Fitzgerald, Speaker Sheridan and Representative Fitzgerald

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