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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Welcome Trader Joe's, just in time for Thanksgiving

The new Trader Joe's in Brookfield opened on Monday,  Nov. 5th, and I breezed in after 7pm to find the parking lot jammed and the store packed. Guess people are excited to have another Trader Joe's in the area! And since Thanksgiving is fast approaching, customers will welcome their specialty foods, such as precooked turkey and turkey gravy. I understand their seasonal offerings are not to be missed.

Trader Joe's, known for good quality, healthy food at great prices, gives shoppers lots of choices. (I picked up a 12oz can of Dark Sumatra coffee today for $5.99. I'm interested in how it will stack up to my current favorite Sumatra from Alterra.)

But Trader Joe's also celebrates appointing their stores in a delightfully low-tech way. Their store signs are black boards with colorful chalk captions and prices. They don't have conveyor belts, but rather all wood check out stands. Bringing your own bag is encouraged, though they will give you one if you need. And when a cashier needs assistance, they ring their ship's bell!

Each store has its own unique design flavor, in fact, Trader Joe's loved the fact that the building site wasn't perfectly rectangular. Our Brookfield store features a bit of flower power and murals of local attractions such as the Dousman Inn on Pilgrim Road, the old train station at Brookfield Junction on Brookfield Road, Miller Park stadium and more.

Since I have been pushing for a Trader Joe's for years, even before it was an option for Underwood Crossing, you can imagine my delight in having this store within hiking distance of my house. I suspect I will still be using Aldi and the Elm Grove Sendik's for many purchases, but Trader Joe's will be a welcome addition to my favorite shopping spots.

Check it out!

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