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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Former agnostic presents: The Mystery of Noah's Flood Revealed, Jan. 26, 2016

Former agnostic to present fascinating talk:

“The Mystery of Noah’s Flood Revealed”

Biblical researcher Don Roth will present an intriguing talk regarding the dates and timeline of the Noachian flood, at the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee’s January 26th meeting. According to Mr. Roth’s calculations, if Year 1 is designated as the year God created the world, then based on specific dates and time intervals given in Genesis, the worldwide flood Noah and his family survived on board the huge ark occurred in the Year 1661. In his presentation, “The Mystery of Noah’s Flood Revealed,” Mr. Roth will cite the many dates and Old Testament passages that deal with time. His study of biblical time will also open up prophecies formerly shrouded in mystery in a way that will help you to understand the Genesis account.

Interestingly, Roth’s study of Noah’s flood is a more recent one. His first area of study and research was compiling a timeline as proof for the absolute “Biblical Calendar.” This effort took him over three years to complete. It wasn’t until the unprecedented floods of 2008 in America’s Midwest that he even thought about reviewing the dates and time periods noted in the Bible regarding Noah’s flood. By researching those very detailed records of the passage of time, regarding Noah and the flood in Genesis 7 and 8, Roth realized that when all dates were compiled, he recognized that the account of Noah’s flood left proof that the flood year had 385 days!

Mr. Roth was an agnostic most of his young adult life until he decided to study the Bible to prove or disprove it as true. As a result of his studies, he realized there is a God and that the Bible is His true word; he became a Christian when he was 30 years old. Don worked for twenty-four years as an engineer for two large corporations. His work challenged him to solve a variety of problems on a daily basis. Leaving his position as head engineer, he spent the next sixteen years developing his own successful, state-of-the-art machining business that grew to a workforce of 45 employees. Roth’s 40 years in the workforce enabled him to hone his skills as a problem solver and enhance his ability to research, learn, and try new things while building on the old. You might say his entire working life was preparing him for his ultimate problem-solving task, researching the days and dates given in the Bible.

These days, Roth utilizes his engineering mindset and problem solving skills for extensive researching, developing and compiling a factual, traceable “Biblical Calendar,” with supporting evidence, “Biblical Timeline,” and the events and dates of the “Noachian Flood.” Referring to himself as a Biblical Calendar Researcher, Roth has also created an extensive website, as a resource for those wanting to know more. Here you will find his “Biblical Research” and “Biblical Calendar Proof” as well as areas of interest in the Bible and prophecy.  

Sponsored by the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee, Don Roth’s presentation is slated for Tuesday, January 26, 2016, 6:30 PM at Zion Lutheran Church, N48 W18700 Lisbon Road (Northeast corner of Lisbon and Brookfield Roads), Menomonee Falls, WI 53051  Map

The program is free and open to the public. Creation literature and DVDs will be available.

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Tuesday, February 2016, Randy Melchert Presents Biblical Archaeology. Time and Location to be announced.

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