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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

District 7 Info Meetings on September 24: 2-3 or 6:30-7:30pm

The following information came from my aldermen.

Seventh district aldermen Lisa Mellone and Renee' Lowerr are holding a district 7 information meeting at City Hall on Wednesday, Sept. 24th, at 2 different times: 2-3 pm or 6:30 - 7:30pm.

If you have a question, concern, or comment, please email or call Lisa Mellone 262-780-0805 and/or Renee Lowerr 262-853-9657

City Clerk Kris Schmidt will be in attendance to answer questions or concerns regarding recent news about the Van Hollen lawsuit against the state elections authority.

Other pertinent information:

City of Brookfield 2035 Comprehensive Plan: Community Vision

Provide your feedback at 1 of 4 Open Houses (9/10, 9/18, 9/24, and 9/25)

Read here for more info:

Home Safeguards for Flood Prevention

Download document "Methods for Improving Stormwater Drainage, Reducing Flooding, and Minimizing Basement Backups"

Hwy 18 WISDOT info site (what are they doing to Bluemound Rd. and why)

Hwy 59/Greenfield Ave widening in Town of Brookfield

Traffic Calming Info Available on city website

Percheron Square Development

Download Master Site Plan

Recycle info

Important blue bin reminder; Paper must be separated from bottles and cans.

A free blue recycle bin can be picked up at city hall.

To schedule a group tour of the recycling center or helpful tips:

Raingardens and Rain Barrels:

Trick or Treat

Friday, October 31 from 5-7:30 pm

Important Election Information

Tuesday, November 4, 2008 Presidential Election Date

Registering to Vote, Absentee Ballots & Forms

Sample Ballots, Polling Places & Elected Officials

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Green Heron at Kinsey Park pond

One of the things I love about living in our City in the Countryside is the variety of wildlife here. Last year, it was not unusual to see a Red Fox or the entire Red Fox family out and about in our neighborhood. This year I saw a coyote in my back yard.

Birds also abound here. When the fruit trees are in bloom and when mulberries are ripe, Baltimore Orioles are regular visitors to my yard. Hummingbirds frequent my perennial flower garden. I love it!

Kinsey Park pond (at the end of my street) often has Blue Herons fishing at the pond's edge. It is fascinating to watch them. But Monday, for the first time, I saw a Green Heron.

Two girls who were frogging at the pond edge said they saw it there last week too.

I often walk my dog past the park and pond, but this time this bird startled us
by flying out from the weeds at the edge. At first I did not know what kind of bird it was--it did not seem large enough to be a Heron. Maybe a Kingfisher of some sort?

But then it stood in the shallows and stretched its neck out. Pretty comical looking, but not Kingfisher-like. This bird looked like it was all head and neck atop of a too small body! It also had a top knot. What was that bird? Wouldn't you know I did not have my camera with me. (This photo was from

Once back at home I got out my trusty Audubon bird field guide and narrowed it down to the Green Heron. I also read that suddenly flying out from a weedy water's edge was a characteristic of Green Herons. But what about the long neck?

A look on the internet confirmed it. Cornell Labs All About Birds site explained that Green Herons often held their long necks close to their bodies. That clarified why the photos showed a short, stocky neck, but the actual bird had a long one.

The Great Blue Heron's may have been in the news lately, but don't forget to look for the Green Herons too next time you are near a pond or wetland. After all, Brookfield's wildlife is one of the perks of living here.

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