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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Two 'Weed Out' Days at Mary Knoll Park! Saturday, May 4 & 11, 2013

This year there are 2 Weed Out days at Mary Knoll Park in Brookfield on Saturday, May 4th and then Saturday, May 11th.  Both dates start at 9 am  and finish at noon. We may be having a slow spring, but the Garlic Mustard marches on!

The first weekend's focus on May 4th, will be on pulling the invasive Garlic Mustard. It is already up and easy to identify.  Don't worry if you are inexperienced. As always, Patty Gerner will give instruction on what to look for and how to pull the weeds. (Usually Gary Majeskie from Park & Rec. Forestry Department attends too.)  It is a great opportunity to learn about these invaders so you can check your own yard for the pests.

On the second weekend, May 11th, the more hearty will help Boy Scout Troop 23 volunteers dig out the bigger invaders: Buckthon trees and (possibly) Honeysuckle bushes. Both produce numerous berries and are prolific spreaders. The Buckthorn trees shade and crowd out native plants and trees; Honeysuckle berries irritate bird's digestive systems and provide no nutritional value.

To help, give the Parks, Recreation & Forestry department an idea of how many volunteers to expect, call 262.796.6675 to register. (Not necessary. If you forget to call, come anyway.)

So consider joining the group this Saturday and/or next at Mary Knoll Park, 615 S. Sunnyslope Road, just south of the I-94 overpass bridge, in Brookfield, Wisconsin. I've been to most of the Weed Outs and it's always been an enjoyable workday, not to mention a great opportunity to enjoy a morning in the park and see the wonderful native plants that are thriving now that they aren't being crowded out by the aliens.

Wear gardening clothing and bring gloves.

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Weed control links: Garlic Mustard and garlic mustard's pretty cousin, Dame's Rocket. (It can take over native areas too.) Garlic mustard should be thrown in the trash and labeled Garlic Mustard: Do not compost.

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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Local Business Executive Jerry Frye Explores Evidence For Creator's Existence: April 16, 2013

Passion flowers display Fibonacci number sequences
On Tuesday, April 16th, Jerry Frye will explore the overwhelming evidence of our Creator's existence, exhibited throughout our earth and even our universe.  He will present this intriguing program at the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee's* April meeting, held this month at Brookside Baptist Church, 4470 Pilgrim Road in Brookfield, Wisconsin, at 7:15 pm. (Directions)

Mr. Frye entitled his talk "A Created Universe: God Is Angry and Man Is Without Excuse," because God created our earth, and all that is in it, in such a way that it could not be mistaken for an accident. He designed it as a means to point man to Himself--the Creator. Even our earth is set apart from all other heavenly bodies in our universe, as the only planet able to support life.

This type of evidence is called general revelation--meaning it is obvious to anyone intellectually honest, who cares to look.

The second part of his title issues the warning for denying this type of evidence, as given in Romans 1: 20 New King James Version:
For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse.   

Mr. Frye is an engaging and thought provoking speaker. Don't miss this fascinating glimpse into the universe and the overwhelming evidence of God's hand in its design! This presentation is free and open to the public. Creation Science based books and DVDs are available for purchase.

Elm Grove resident Mr. Frye is president and owner of The Benefit Services Group, Inc., an employee benefit brokerage firm that serves employers nationwide and consults for healthcare systems in Wisconsin and Illinois. He has been a featured speaker at events from physician symposia to employment-law seminars. He majored in chemistry and accounting at UWM and holds many professional designations. In addition to his professional speaking engagements, he is also a very popular presenter at Creation Science events.

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Amazing video animation of inner life of cell  one component, a motor protein literally walked up the microtubule (at 3:20 mark), hauling a huge membrane bound cargo vesicle to its destination! (David Bolinsky, one of the animators, called it the FedEx guy of the cell. It is called a canesan but I am not sure of the spelling.)

Creation Science Website Links:
Creation Ministries International 

*Last month I joined the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee board as publicity chair

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Monday, April 01, 2013

April 2, 2013 Election: Roggensack, Pridemore and other Conservative picks

Everyone in Wisconsin votes for Supreme Court and DPI Superintendent in the Tuesday, April 2, 2013 General Election.  This election is of utmost importance, so don't sit this one out!

am casting my vote for Justice Pat Roggensack for State Supreme Court.  She is well respected and known for fairness.  For more information see: 'VIP' Primary Election for Justice Roggensack
Justice Roggensack's hour long interview with Jim Schneider 

The other statewide race on our ballot is for State Superintendent of Schools.

This race has not been talked about much, but after hearing about the DPI's White Privilege curriculum controversy along with my desire to provide Wisconsin parents with more choices for their children's education, I am voting Don Pridemore for Department of Public Instruction Superintendent.

For more information see: April 2, 2013 Election: Wisconsin needs Don Pridemore, a fresh, independent leader for State Superintendent of Schools

Many areas of the state also have races for mayor, judges, school board members, and aldermen on their ballots. You may look up your sample ballot here

In Brookfield, the other races on our ballot are unchallenged.

Milwaukee County residents have an important Circuit Court race on their ballots. Judge Rebecca Bradley has the support of 22 judges, Sheriff Clark, Milwaukee County Exec. Chris Abele, etc. (Don't confuse her with the Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley who had the run-in with Justice Prosser 2 years ago.) 

A conservative friend emailed me this link: Wisconsin Conservatives Vote April 2nd! Election Guide It includes many races across the state, including the non-binding referendum in Milwaukee on ending same day voter registration. I do agree with their vote "No" stance--at least at this point in time.

Here is another race I can toss out here, CudahyNOW blogger Randy Hollenbeck is running for Alderman in Cudahy. I met him several years ago at a blogging meeting at the Journal Sentinel offices. Cudahy voters can just read his past posts to learn about his political bent. He is Conservative. His opponent is also a blogger--a liberal. So that race is a battle of the bloggers! Interesting. Hope Randy wins!

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April 2, 2013 Election: Wisconsin needs Don Pridemore, a fresh, independent leader, for State Superintendent of Schools

Want more local control over schools? What about increasing a parent's right to choose which school they send their children to? How about an independent leader for State Superintendent of Public Instruction instead of one tied to the teachers union?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, I urge you to vote for Don Pridemore on Tuesday, April 2, 2013.

Add to these concerns the very disturbing news of the Wisconsin Department of Instruction "White Privilege" sensitivity courses that are being taught to our teachers, as part of a training  program called CREATE Wisconsin for public school teachers. I watched the following video, compiled by the Education Action Group, and was sickened by some of the ideas being promoted by our DPI and courtesy of our tax dollars!

At the 38 second mark, this quote caught my attention: "We must be aware of how power holders oppressed all people of color to shape the country as they wanted it. Racism is one of several systems of oppression. Others are class, sexism, hetero-sexism, the institutionalized primacy of Christianity, and able-bodiedism. These systems work toward a common goal: to maintain power and control in the hands of wealthy, white, heterosexual, Christian, able-bodied men." The quote came from Dr. Francis Kendall.

And Wisconsin teachers aren't the only ones subject to this type of indoctrination. "White Privilege" is creeping into some Wisconsin public schools as well. In January, the Delavan-Darien District made national news when it was learned students there were being taught similar white privilege ideas.

Interestingly, the DPI website used to include information on White Privilege on their public webpages. It has since been removed from public view!

Another area of curriculum concern is "Common Core." Wisconsin agreed to use that Federally mandated curriculum when Gov. Doyle signed us on to the the U.S. Department of Education's Race to the Top program. (In order to compete for Federal dollars, we had to agree to use their national "Common Core" curriculum.) The math program in Common Core is called "Just Math."

We all know a firm foundation in math is necessary for so many career choices, but unfortunately, the Federally mandated "Just Math" curriculum transforms mathematics into a vehicle for pushing social and ecological justice subject matter onto our students. Don Pridemore is concerned about this as well. He believes we need to take a "closer look" at Common Core and its Standards, "This Federally administered program has a far reaching impact on a local school district’s ability to control the curriculum of their schools."

I also like that Pridemore wants to take an audit of DPI, “'DPI has never been audited as a whole but only on individual instances,' Pridemore said. 'Because we are in tough economic times we must ensure that every tax dollar is spent efficiently and with a purpose of giving our children the best chance to succeed in our educational system. Due to all the mandates and programs DPI is responsible for and some of the alarming issues that have come from that department, we must determine that our tax dollars are being spent wisely. A thorough audit will answer that question.'" 

Don Pridemore has served as a Representative in the state Assembly since 2004, and has been on the Education Committee there during the 2011-2012 session and again this 2013-2014 session.

Everyone in the state votes for the State Superintendent of Public Instruction in the Tuesday, April 2, 2013 General Spring Election. Public education accounts for the lion's share of most people's property tax bills. Don't you want your hard earned dollars to be used wisely?

Take a few moments and explore the issues on Don Pridemore's website.

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