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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dem signs conspicuously absent from known supporting households

"They" say the race between Jim Sullivan and Leah Vukmir will be tight. Same with Russ Feingold and Ron Johnson. Scott Walker vs. Tom Barrett seems to be more predictible, after all, The Journal Sentinel endorsed Walker. (Chalk that up to Everybody loves a winner (they don't want to be on the losing side) or they were trying to show they were not always in the tank for the Democrat.)

But have you noticed that Sullivan, Feingold, and Barrett signs are not at all of the usual pro-Democrat households in your area? I have. These would be homes that in the past have always shown their political alliance at election time.

There are a few houses in my neighborhood that are always for the Democrat. This election cycle, all but one have a bare yard.

True, yard signs don't win elections. But when staunch supporters don't place one, I think that is telling us something.

The residnets may just quietly cast their vote on the D side of the ticket anyway, or maybe they will sit this one out. But one thing that is plain to see, they aren't advertising for their party.

Time will tell. Thankfully we don't have to wait too long for the answer.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Also on November's ballot, a Transportation Fund Advisory Referendum

I voted today.

Brookfield's City Hall had a room all set up, complete with voting booths, for those of us who need to vote early. (If you enter through the north entrance, you CAN'T miss it!)

Here I was all set to just quickly make my one mark on the ballot and vote straight ticket (Republican of course), but the ladies manning the voter rolls informed me there also was an Advisory Referendum question on the back of the ballot. That was news to me.

It is a separate question; you must complete the line for a Yes or No answer. It isn't on every county's ballot, but Brookfield is in one of the 52 counties that chose to include it on their ballots.

For your convenience, they had an explanation of the Advisory Referendum question posted on green paper in the room and at each voting booth.

The actual question reads: "Should the Wisconsin Constitution be amended to prohibit any further transfers or lapses from the state’s segregated transportation fund?"

The reason for asking is to hopefully put a STOP to RAIDING the fund.

The intent of our gas tax and vehicle registration fee money was to have it go into the Transportation Fund for road improvements. But since 2003, Wisconsin has siphoned off more than $1.3 BILLION from that fund, to pay for other non transportation related programs and projects in the state. This has got to stop. Our infrastructure is suffering.

"[St. Croix Highway Commissioner Tim Ramberg] pointed to reports that show $1.3 billion has been diverted since 2003. Over $850 million of that was replaced with borrowed money, but the net loss to the transportation fund was over $435 million." Raiding funds was one of Doyle's budget balancing tricks.

To get an idea of how this raiding has affected Wisconsin counties, read Referendum seeks to ban raids on state transportation fund.

This is only an Advisory Referendum, meaning if passed, it still needs to go through the amendment process where an amendment to the state constitution must pass 2 separate sessions in the legislature before going on the ballot for Wisconsin voter approval.

Getting a Constitutional Amendment through both houses of the legislature for those 2 consecutive sessions is not that easy. You may recall that the Constitutional Amendment for Voter Photo ID nearly made it through the last phase of the legislative amendment process. It would have made it to the voters, to decide the question once and for all, had it not been for the Senate Democrats in 2009. Read Dems Block Photo ID: The Roll Call. To save you the trouble, yes, State Senator JIM SULLIVAN voted NAY on bringing Photo ID to a vote. (Leah Vukmir voted YES in the State Assembly.)

Hopefully this advisory referendum on the Transportation Fund will pass. Too bad they didn't also include that Transportation Funds couldn't be used to study commuter and high speed rail in this referendum. But we may not need that language after all if Scott Walker is our next governor.

This is an important election. If you are in doubt as to if you will be able to make it to the polls on Tuesday, vote early. In Brookfield they certainly make it easy.

District 7 residents, on Election Day, remember you now vote at St. Lukes Catholic Church on Greenfield Ave. and Davidson Road.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

UPDATE: What a whopper! "Jim Sullivan supports law enforcement, Vukmir does not" Unbelievable

Talk about outrageous claims:
"Jim Sullivan supports law enforcement,
Leah Vukmir does not

But there it was, big as life, on the LED changeable billboard sign at Hwy 100 and Bluemound Road.

Did I read that right?

I saw the flashing sign last week but wasn't sure it really said what I thought it said. It just didn't ring true.

Plus, I couldn't read who paid for it. Was it from the Sullivan campaign or another group?

So I checked it out. Last night I managed to snap this picture. The disclaimer reads Paid for by Wisconsin Professional Police Association.

Who is the Wisconsin Professional Police Association? It is a Madison based group that also endorsed other Democrats such as Russ Feingold and Tom Barrett*.

So does Jim Sullivan also have the support of most of the police associations in his district?

No, but his opponent Representative Leah Vukmir does!

Leah Vukmir has been endorsed
by the Milwaukee, West Milwaukee, and Brookfield Police Associations. She is also endorsed by JB Van Hollen and recently received the Wisconsin Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs Association endorsement as well. Sullivan only has the West Allis Police endorsement from within his district.

So this is a perfect example of you can't believe everything you read, not even if it is in HUGE text flashing at you as you drive by.

UPDATE: Leah Vukmir Earned the Endorsement of Milwaukee Firefighters today: "

“My opponent continues to run a negative campaign falsely claiming I will cut local fire and police,” stated Vukmir. “Clearly these claims are untrue, as my solid record of keeping our families and community safe is reflected by the strong support I’ve received from local police and fire.”

*Surprisingly, the Wisconsin Professional Police Association also endorsed Republican JB Van Hollen for Attorney General.

What do we make of that? A look at Scott Hassett, the Democrat running against JB, might give some insight: (My emphasis)

"With roughly six weeks left before the general election, the Wisconsin State Board of Bar Examiners, the state agency that evaluates attorneys, has told Hassett, the Democratic nominee for State Attorney General, that he lacks the necessary credits to practice law within the state. For five years starting in 2004, Hassett's law license was placed on inactive status as he focused his attention on his duties as Secretary of the State Department of Natural Resources. He had "sent the board a letter saying he had completed the 30 credit hours of continuing legal education he thought he needed to regain active status" in July 2009. [3] Two months earlier, however, an amendment was passed that required "anyone who was inactive for two or more years to obtain 60 credits, not 30, to regain active status." [3] In spite of this, the board cleared Hassett to reinstate his active status as a lawyer within the state. While state law does argue that the state attorney general must hold a law license, it does reflect badly in the eyes of voters.

Ultimately, the State Board decided "to allow attorney general candidate Scott Hassett and several other attorneys to continue to actively practice law, even though they lack the required number of continuing legal education hours." [4]"

Leah Vukmir for State Senate

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Monday, October 25, 2010

How sickening. Jim Sullivan & supporters slam Leah Vukmir with untrue attacks +CORRECTION

Democrat Wisconsin State Senator Jim Sullivan is in the fight of his life to hold onto his 5th District Senate seat this November, and the tone of his campaign shows it. Having campaigned as a moderate Democrat, Sullivan's performance and voting record in Madison these past 4 years has been anything but moderate.

Jim Sullivan fancies himself as an independent, a maverick, yet Sullivan voted with Jim Doyle 99% of the time! (Sullivan rather reminds me of another so-called maverick in the US Senate: Russ Feingold. Maybe Sullivan is a Feingold wannabe?)

To the casual observer, Sullivan did vote no on the last budget, which might make you think he is a maverick. But his NO vote was only because the Democrats didn't need his vote. (Candidates facing a tough challenger are often given permission to vote no.) Sullivan still managed to bloat the 2009 budget at the committee level--not very maverick-ish. He also voted in favor of the 2007 budget and voted for expensive and destructive bills like Healthy Wisconsin, Combined Reporting, Badger Care Plus, etc.

Every day the airwaves, billboards, and mailboxes are being assaulted with misleading and downright untrue campaign pieces against Sullivan's opponent, Leah Vukmir, from PACs and Sullivan himself. Since I just blogged about Scott Walker's support for adult stem cell research and Tom Barrett's accusations to the contrary, we will start there.

As I mentioned,"there is nothing new here" in Democrats deception when it comes to stem cell research. Obama accused McCain and Palin of being against it. Feingold accused Ron Johnson, Barrett accused Scott Walker, and now Jim Sullivan accuses Leah Vukmir.

In all of these cases, the accusations were not true. Let's call these accusations what they are: they are out and out lies. All 5 of these Republicans support Stem Cell Research. They support the kind that works--the kind obtained from adult and umbilical cord stem cells.

Jim Sullivan's campaign piece goes a step further, however. He also accuses Vukmir of voting to criminalize stem cell research! "Vukmir voted to criminalize stem cell research that could help cure debilitating diseases like Alzheimer's (AB 499, 6/23/05)", Sullivan proclaims.

Now in the days before the internet, it would have been difficult to see if these wild accusations were true. But we do have the internet. So here is the bill Sullivan is referring to: "2005 Assembly Bill 499, AN ACT to create 146.347 of the statutes; relating to: human cloning and parthenogenesis and providing penalties."

"Analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau
"This bill prohibits human cloning and parthenogenesis; attempting to perform human cloning or parthenogenesis; transferring or acquiring a human embryo produced by human cloning or parthenogenesis; and transferring or acquiring any embryo, cell, tissue, or product derived from a human embryo produced by human cloning or parthenogenesis."

The bill is NOT about Stem Cell research; it IS about Human Cloning.

In 2006, the race between Incumbent Republican Tom Reynolds and challenger Democrat Jim Sullivan was close: *Sullivan won by 2,462 votes, a 1.2% margin. Brookfield's Mayor Bloomberg endorsed Sullivan back then saying he would serve and represent the people of the 5th district effectively. (I did NOT agree.)

People voted for Sullivan in 2006, trusting that he was a moderate. I don't think they will be fooled again.

If you see campaign material that just doesn't ring true, check it out for yourself. We need honesty in Madison, someone who will fight to reduce taxes and respect life, like Leah Vukmir, not "barely true" Jim Sullivan.

*CORRECTION: I had mistakenly stated Sullivan won by a slim margin of 700 votes, however I had written that the night of the election and noted it was before the final count in the original 2006 post.

If you recall, the Reynolds, Sullivan race was deemed a tight race the night of the election. It was called for Sullivan, with him 700 or so ahead, at the time I posted that night, but not all the votes had been counted. All Politics Blog wrote: "With more than half the vote counted, the battle for the 5th Senate District remained too close to call, according to results from WTMJ-TV (Channel 4). Democratic challenger Jim Sullivan held a narrow lead, but incumbent GOP Sen. Tom Reynolds led earlier in the night. That west suburban seat is one of three that Democrats need to win to take control of the state Senate." The final vote tally was 36,148 Sullivan to 33,686 Reynolds, a 1.2% margin of 2,462 votes.

JSOnline: As Doyle's polls plunge, state Democrats try to stand clear, Democrats in tough contests are trying to distance themselves from the head of their party
PoliFact Wisconsin: Jim Sullivan says he voted against his own party to "stop runaway government spending" Barely true!

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Rep. Leah Vukmir's Budget Update: Assembly passes [2009] budget
Wisconsin Assembly Update: Working night & day - RTA, Global Warming, Voter Act on hold April 2010, Vukmir the Valiant kills the RTA

For shame, Tom Barrett, Scott Walker SUPPORTS Stem Cell research!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, Oct. 26: Dr. John Whitcomb presents "The Creator of the World"

What an opportunity! Bible scholar and pioneer of modern Creation Science Dr. John Whitcomb is coming to Brookfield on Tuesday, Oct. 26th, at 7:30pm, to present his talk "The Creator of the World" at the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee's monthly meeting.

"Dr. Whitcomb will use a powerful multi-media presentation to unfold scriptural teachings about this Creator, His work, and His methods." He will be speaking at Brookside Baptist Church at 4470 N. Pilgrim Road (north of Capitol Drive and south of Lisbon Road). His presentation is free and open to the public.

Those of you who have done some reading on Creation Science might be familiar with some of his books on the subject. He co-authored with Dr. Henry Morris' The Genesis Flood and wrote the books The Early Earth and The World That Perished.

Those of you who do not believe in the Biblical account of creation or think you have to check your brains at the door to even accept Intelligent Design & a young earth over evolution, might want to come on Tuesday to hear a different point of view.

People on both sides of the creation/evolution question may also be interested in a new movie, Persuaded by the Evidence.

This movie features scientists who believed "evolutionary dogma was a 'fact'" but found their "own research compelled [them] that evolution couldn't possibly be true."

Here is the trailer:

Hope you can make it on Tuesday to hear Dr. Whitcomb.

And speaking of rare opportunities... Creationist Ken Ham will be coming to Brookside on Sunday evening, January 30th, 2011, to speak on creation. Ken Ham is founder of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum.

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District 7 residents: Information Meeting Thursday, Oct 21

From my 2 Aldermen, Lisa Mellone and Renee Lowerr: There is a District 7 Information Meeting this Thursday at City Hall Council Chambers, from 7 - 8pm. (District 7 covers the southeast corner of Brookfield.)

They hold these meetings several times a year and are your opportunity to ask questions, discuss your concerns, and talk about your ideas for our city. Some of the current topics are the
Target Store proposal, Train Station, and the 2011 budget.

Since the election is less than 2 weeks away, remember we no longer vote at Heritage Christian School, but instead must go to St. Lukes Catholic Church on Greenfield Avenue and Davidson Road, west of our district.

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Quebecor Target Store at Plan Commission tonight
Can it be? A Target in Brookfield? How about Trader Joes too?

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Monday, October 18, 2010

For shame, Tom Barrett, Scott Walker SUPPORTS Stem Cell research!

We should be used to it by now, the misleading, or to put it politely, the pants on fire campaign ads that paint the opposing candidate as being heartless and against something as wholesome as Mom and Apple Pie.

In this case, it is Gubernatorial Democrat candidate Tom Barrett wearing the hot pants. He points the accusatory finger at his opponent Republican Scott Walker. The Mom and apple pie issue here is stem cell research.

Barrett's ad is intended to tug at your heart strings in hopes that you will make the leap that Scott Walker is heartless and against helping those in need because of his pro-life beliefs. The ad wants you to believe Walker is turning a deaf ear to the pleas of the featured mother, talking about her diabetic son and how embryonic stem cell research would help cure her son.

This ad was so outrageous in its claims that it prompted Gary Nosacek to write an outstanding piece in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Oct. 7th titled, The stem cell confusion. He states he is a "father, brother and nephew of diabetics, and the husband of a doctor, I'm really upset by this ad."

I also found out that Walker's own wife Tonette is "a type 1 diabetic" and she says, "I CAN PROMISE YOU, my husband is full of hope! Hope for me, hope for our family, and hope for Wisconsin!"

Tonette goes on to say, "Regardless of what Tom Barrett has said, Scott will NOT ban stem cell research. Scott supports adult stem cell research- research which science has shown to have the most promise to cure my disease and which does not destroy innocent human life. "

So what is going on here? Democrats support government funding for Embryonic Stem Cell research instead of Adult Stem Cell research. Why? Is it that Embryonic Stem Cells work and adult ones don't? NO.

In fact, Embryonic Stem Cell breakthroughs continue to be fraught with serious side effects such as tumor growth and rejection. They have shown very little positive results. There is not one cure confirmed to date.

Contrast that with Adult Stem Cell research and treatments, which have already helped 1,000s of people. Nosacek's points out that even with moral issues aside, the Embryonic Stem Cells are a waste of money.

He writes, "There are over 167 adult cell treatments and cures being used by doctors every day. There are more in clinical trials and in animal testing phases. As for embryonic cells, there is not one cure to be found. There are only two in human trials, but so far there are no results. As a rule, embryonic cells haven't done much of anything in any lab in the world other than promised to be promising someday in the distant future. Walker isn't against stem cell research. He's against spending millions on research that hasn't worked at the expense of what is working!"

He goes on to tell us that Adult Stem Cell research on diabetes was being carried out at Harvard but it has been a painstaking process because they couldn't get funding. All the government grants were going to Embryonic Stem Cell research. Finally funding came from "Lee Iacocca, who has a diabetic grandchild. Harvard is now in human trials. They are being bankrolled by anyone who wishes to contribute."

So why isn't the proven and more promising type of ADULT Stem Cell research being funded by Government grants? Because IF the Liberal, Pro-abortion advocates can get us all on board with using embryonic stem cells, we will have lost the pro-life, life begins at conception fight.

Just this month we learned there was a Baby Born From 20-Year-Old Frozen Embryo. This leaves little doubt that embryos, even ones frozen for 2 decades, aren't human. Here we have one born to a New York woman! Would she give up her son for stem cell research? Of course not. So why are we asked to accept that these humans be sacrificed for the sake of Leftist researchers?

This is nothing new here. In the 2008 presidential campaign Obama ads accused McCain of being against helping people through stem cell research, which was not true. Like McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin, Scott Walker and other Conservatives just favor life respecting ADULT Stem Cell research.

President Bush had to endure this criticism too with his position to not allow Federal funding to go toward Embryonic Stem Cell research. The Republicans were all Pro-Life.

I asked this question in 2008:

"What if I had a cure for Parkinson's, leukemia, diabetes, or paralysis caused by spinal cord injury? All you would have to do is take an infant, remove all of its stem cells (sorry, the infant dies), tweak the cells, and transfer them to the ill patient.

Would you do it?

Most people wouldn't and would consider that murderous act barbaric. Yet those who favor embryonic stem cell research are in effect doing just that in the eyes of those who are pro-life."

Thankfully, God in His mercy has not made us make that difficult decision, instead He has granted the pro-life Adult Stem Cell researchers favorable results. We do not need to make the choice between killing an embryo to help those with serious medical conditions or allowing their suffering to continue.

We have the best of both worlds in Adult Stem Cell research: cure without compromise. Yet Democrats like Tom Barrett stubbornly cling to the embryonic research that doesn't work and that violates the values of those of us who value life.

Vote your conscience.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Need a reason to vote Ron Johnson? Ask Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama campaigned for Russ Feingold Tuesday at a Milwaukee fundraiser.

She said, "even though change hasn't come fast enough for some citizens, it would be a mistake for voters to return Republicans to power next month."

..."This election isn't just about all that we've accomplished these past couple of years," she said. "This election, Wisconsin, is about all we have left to do in the months and years ahead."

..."But my husband can't do this alone," she said. ".... He needs strong leaders like Russ to help him." (My emphasis)

The leftist Liberal Progressives just don't get it, do they.

Enough said.

Ron Johnson for Senate

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Need a job? Try Brookfield's new ParkSide23 restaurant

While shopping at Angelina's Deli, my favorite Italian food store on this side of town, I noticed some construction workers across the street at the former Pilgrim Square.

Wow, something is finally going in at the vacant Sticks and Stones restaurant, just south of Dixon Elementary School, on North Avenue. There were also 2 big lime green HELP WANTED signs. I wonder what is going in there?

As I checked out at Angelina's, I asked the sales lady if she knew. She replied, Well, the workers who come in here say it is a new Eddie Martini's.

Oh, I said--a little puzzled, that is interesting since the Eddie Martini's isn't all that far from here.

Yes, but they are really doing well, she replied.


Hmm, no mention of Eddie's on the sign?

Once home, I Googled a bit and found that ParkSide 23 is indeed owned by the same parent company as Eddie's, the De Rosa Corporation. This is also the same company that owned the former Sticks & Stones restaurant, that has been empty for more than 3 years. (They also own The Chancery chain.)

That info was supplied by Carol Deptolla, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel food critic in an allbusiness piece, Casual eatery to open in Brookfield, Aug. 13, 2010.

Unlike Eddie Martini's, ParkSide23 will be casual. I read on to discover Brookfield's Common Council approved "plans that include outdoor seating for the restaurant, at 2300 Pilgrim Square Drive, and a garden to supply produce for the restaurant - a hint, perhaps, at the restaurant's format."

That all sounded good to me. Since my family is always looking for a good restaurant, maybe ParkSide23 will become our favorite Sunday lunch spot after church?

Eddie Martini's has a very good reputation, but dinner there is just too pricey for me. (I tend to lose my appetite once the entree price-tag goes above $20--even for a special occasion.) Hopefully ParkSide23 will offer excellent food at a more affordable price. I wish them well and much success to you too if you are applying for a job!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yikes! Must be a Parallel Universe: Libs favor Walker & Johnson?

Did we enter an Alternate Universe since last Thursday? Maybe Mirror Universe would be a more accurate way to describe 2 Madison publications, The Isthmus and Wisconsin State Journal, going CONSERVATIVE!

That's right, on Oct. 7th, The Isthmus, a very liberal Madison publication actually slammed Russ Feingold in "The case against Russ Feingold, His maverick image is backed only with bluster and cheap shots" and ended with "Three reasons to vote for Ron Johnson:"

1. "He doesn't need the job. We should vie for elected officials who have been successful out of office. In politics, not needing the job is the best qualification for having it.

2. "He's plainspoken. Johnson has run into some trouble on the campaign trail for speaking his mind. You know he'll tell you what he thinks, because it appears he can do nothing but.

3. "His boots are on the ground. Johnson has spent 20 years creating jobs in the private sector. Wisconsin needs that kind of résumé to turn its economy around."

Now to be fair, The Isthmus also ran "The case against Ron Johnson" on the same day, and titled the pair, "May the worst man win."

But what I find so amazing is that they were so honest in their criticism of their guy, Feingold. The whole article on Feingold is worth reading in its entirety.

The Wisconsin State Journal, not exactly a Conservative manifesto, published on Sunday, "Our endorsement: Scott Walker best for jobs in race for governor."

It began with, "Job creation and fixing the state's crippling budget mess must be the top priorities for Wisconsin's next governor," and went on to ask a number of questions asking did the Democrats/Doyle do this or that to fix the state budget, school finance reform, boost school performance, better tax structure, job growth, etc.? The answer to all those questions was, "Nope", and then went on to explain how bad things are in Wisconsin.

The conclusion? "This fall's decision is about jobs and the economy. Walker is the best choice for getting Wisconsin back on track financially and competing for more good-paying jobs."

Amazing. It too is a must read.

Now if the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel endorses Conservative Leah Vukmir over Liberal/Progressive Jim Sullivan, I might truly believe we have stepped through the looking glass.

H/T Vicki McKenna

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Monday, October 11, 2010

2 meetings tonight discuss Is a Target on Bluemound & 124th to be or not to be?

My Aldermen Lisa Mellone and Renee Lowerr informed me that there are 2 meetings tonight at City Hall discussing plans to build a Target store at the old Quebecor site.

The 124th & Bluemound Road Neighborhood Plan Task Force meets first in Council Chambers at 5:30pm. They are "to discuss possible amendments to the Neighborhood Plan because of the Target proposal." If you remember, there was another mixed use plan in place 4 years ago, but that project did not move forward.

In my opinion, the neighborhood, which is in my District 7 but not my immediate area, would be better off without the apartment/condo aspect of the project. Certainly our city already has enough rental property, which is often the downfall of the adjacent single family homes and community.

Brookfield also has an abundance smaller store strip malls, which are part of the mixed use concept. How many nail salons, take and bake pizza places, and coffee shops do we need? Brookfield Marketplace on Greenfield and Brookfield Commons on Bluemound have never been completely occupied since their completion and since the recession, have seen stores leave. At another area strip mall at Calhoun and Bluemound, the former Flanners has been vacant for years.

It would seem that if you have a larger store, with a good reputation, willing to move into Brookfield, this would be a better option that all those transient smaller stores. The neighbors have a legitmate concern with shoppers cutting through their neighborhood, but like Brookfield Commons, this area is rather land-locked too, with the freeway and parks to the south--it wouldn't seem to invite cut-through traffic. Yet the general consensus from a 2006 Plan Commission meeting was, "don't allow the new development traffic to invade their peaceful Columbia Gardens Subdivision Neighborhood!" Neighborhood traffic needs to be controlled.

While I would rather have a Woodman's or a Trader Joes move into that location, Target at least has a nicer image than other big box stores like K-mart and Walmart. Target seems to attract a different, more upscale clientele than the other stuff-marts.

If you live in that area, do attend the 5:30pm meeting.

Right after the Task Force discussion, the City Plan Commission will discuss this same project. "This is an open meeting and [all] are welcome to attend but there will be no opportunity for public comment."

There will be a future Public Hearing on the Target proposal amendments where you can voice your opinions, however.

While the jobs created from a Target are not high paying, at least Target would be a more consistent job and property tax provider than the coffee shop that is here today and gone in a month.

Alderman Lisa Mellone attached related materials for your perusal:
City 124th Street & Bluemound Road Neighborhood Plan
Map of Target Development Proposal
Target Memo from Ryan Company.pdf
936K View Download
2010-07-12 Plan Commission Minutes re Target.pdf2010-07-12 Plan Commission Minutes re Target.pdf
208K Download
10-11-2010 Task Force Staff Report.pdf10-11-2010 Task Force Staff Report.pdf
154K Download
PC  Agenda 2010-10-11.docPC Agenda 2010-10-11.doc
54K Download
PC  Staff Report 2010-10-11.docPC Staff Report 2010-10-11.doc
80K Download

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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Attack of the giant tomato plants

This year was the year of the tomato plant at my house. I have never had such big, beautiful plants. In fact, every time I opened the back door, it seemed they were getting bigger. Could it be they were trying to get in through the back door? ;-)

I planted about 14 plants this summer--not all of them grew as successfully as my back door buddies though. As I have mentioned before, my vegetable garden has some sort of virus in the soil; tomatoes won't grow there. Last year I tried planting them in a bag of top soil or pots. That didn't work well. The plants were puny and the tomatoes few.

This year I improved upon the plant it in a bag idea and got those large, sturdy contractor bags. I figured the plants needed more soil. I also enhanced their living conditions. In addition to the bag of top soil that I dumped into the contractor bag, I threw in a bag of composted cow manure too. The manure was the key, I think.

Now the plants I put in the veggie garden did do better than last year, but they still didn't thrive. They seemed to pick up the virus symptoms despite my use of the bags. (I think there might be a HG&D lesson there.) The plants might have become infected through the drainage holes I poked in the bottom of the bag or just from the proximity of the plant to the soil itself. It is also more shady where my veg. plot is, that might be a factor too. At any rate, that is it for tomatoes in the vegetable garden--next year I will just stick to beans, herbs, squash, and raspberries there.

But next to the house? Oh my, tomatoes sure like a sunny, warm location! It seemed the tomatoes I planted in the bags did the best. There are actually 5 plants crammed into that stretch by my back door stoop. (Yes, I know that was too close.) Two of the 5 were planted in the ground; the rest were in the bags.

So what accounted for the vigorous plant growth? I am now wondering if it was the back porch light? We leave it on all night. That night light might also account for the prolific plant growth with not-so-hot tomato production. Since tomatoes ripen at night, maybe the plants didn't know it was nighttime? Well, that will be next year's experiment. If they are going to grow so tall, I also need to rig a better tomato tower system. That tomato tree at Disney was truly amazing. Too bad our growing season isn't longer!

I did get some lovely, large tomatoes out of my garden this summer, and they are still coming; it is just never enough for my taste.

New varieties this year were: Yellow Grape, about 1 to 1 1/4 inch in length--very prolific, Hillbilly, a yellow and red stripe type yielding 4" diameter fruits, Pineapple, which was supposed to be red with yellow, but never did too much, Black Krim and Black Knight, two more of those dark tomatoes that failed to meet my standards of taste and productivity.

Out of the new ones, only Yellow Grape makes the cut for next year. I still like Green Zebra, Lemon Boy, Mr. Stripey and Aunt Ruby's German Green the best.

If someone out there has a favorite heirloom red tomato, please share. I could use a red one or two in my fold.

So how did your garden grow this year? What was your best producer? Inquiring gardeners want to know.

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Heirloom Tomatoes, Everything Old is New Again?

Links: Practically Speaking, Betterbrookfield, RandyMelchert, Jay Weber, Vicki McKenna, The Right View Wisconsin, CNS News, Mark Levin, Breitbart BigGovernment, The Heritage Foundation

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Every vote should count...but only once! Become a POLL WATCHER

Last April, I became acquainted with some local women* who launched We're Watching Wisconsin Elections. They created this group to help fight voter fraud in our state.

They are following legislation that affects voting and voter fraud and are also involved with educating volunteer Poll Workers and Election Observers.

While it is too late to become a Poll Worker for this election cycle, you may still become an Election Observer this November. (Deadline for the 2011/2012 Poll Worker registration is this November 30th.)

The group, We're Watching Wisconsin Elections already held a series of poll watching education sessions, but you can still take part in this important effort. They are holding a new series of training classes across the state, with 2 in our area on Oct. 18th at the West Allis Library at 6:30pm and on Oct 19th at the Waukesha Republican Headquarters on Pearl and HWY 164 at 6:30pm. (I am glad they are doing this since I was out of town for the previous ones.) Other dates and locations are listed here.

Election Observers can volunteer to watch at the actual Poll on Election Day, at the Poll AFTER the poll closes, and at your City Hall absentee ballot counting place. Since absentee voting just started, volunteers are already watching at nursing homes and City Clerk's Offices.

The Election Observer Sign-Up page states: "Election observers are integral to restoring integrity to Wisconsin elections. Your participation in the statewide election observer program will help to ensure that our elections are honest and without fraud. Please sign up below to be a part of the program. We will be providing training seminars throughout the state leading up to the elections. Once you are signed-up you will be contacted as to the training seminar in your area. You may also contact Jon Waclawski – Chief Counsel and Election Day Operations Director – with any questions: / 608-239-2996."

If you care about fair, honest elections, do sign up. Without a photo voter ID law in Wisconsin, this is one of the few tools we have to curtail voter fraud.

We're Watching Wisconsin Elections Campaign email alert

*News from Rally against Vote Fraud at Milw. City Hall Turns out, I knew 2 of the ladies in this group--in fact I rode the same bus to the Madison Tea Party with one of them the next day.

Links: Practically Speaking, Betterbrookfield, RandyMelchert, Jay Weber, Vicki McKenna, The Right View Wisconsin, CNS News, Mark Levin, Breitbart BigGovernment, The Heritage Foundation

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We're Watching Wisconsin Elections Campaign

The following is an email from We're Watching Wisconsin Elections Campaign


To vote in Wisconsin, all voters are required to be registered. Once a voter registration has been processed, that registration is recorded on the Wisconsin Statewide Voter Registration System (SVRS). The registration is then deemed “legal” and “active.”

An eligible voter must be a U.S. citizen, 18 years old, and a resident of Wisconsin and reside in an election district for 10 days prior to an election with no intent to move.

To be eligible, a voter must not be a felon, judged incompetent, have a bet or wager on the election, or be a resident for less than 10 days except in the case of a Presidential election.

In Wisconsin, the opportunity to register comes in myriad ways throughout the year:

· In Person – Open Registration – anytime during the year up until 20 days prior to the election, no proof of residence required

· In-person – Late Registration: after open registration closes and up to Election Day in the clerk’s office, proof of residence required. Voter’s name appears on supplemental poll list.

· By mail— Copies of proof of residence and I.D. must accompany registration form.

· During voter registration drives: conducted by Special Registration Deputies (Think ACORN) at libraries, fire stations, county fairs, campuses, or shopping malls.

· On Election Day at the polls. Wisconsin is one of only 11 states using this process. Same-day Voter Registration requires the voter to complete the application and provide “proof of residence” documentation. Ballots for same-day registrants are counted in that election but the actual registration is not verified until AFTER Election Day.

All the above options to register create confusion at the municipal clerk’s office and at polling places, for the voter as well as the staff. It adds a ton of paper work and explodes budgets for municipalities. The closer to Election Day the registration occurs, the fewer days the clerks have to verify that the registration information is correct and that the person is, indeed, qualified to vote. For example, in the 2008 election, 62,000 voters registered on Election Day ALONE in the City of Milwaukee. How many of those registrations were actually legitimate? But all of their votes were counted in the election.

Because Wisconsin does not require a photo voter ID, a name on a poll list can be voted by anyone claiming to be that registered voter. Once a registration is placed in the SVRS system, that registration can be voted basically forever or until the registrant dies. Even then, some names are not detected as needing removal so the registration lives on. Incorrect registrations that lead to a fraudulent vote deny the honest citizen his constitutional right to have his vote count.

Join your fellow citizens in helping to protect our votes--- volunteer to be an Election Observer!


What Can You Do?


Training Classes Are Open to the General Public

Oct. 5 - Cedarburg Police Department (W75N444 Wauwatosa Rd) 7:00pm

Oct. 7 - Green Bay (Brown County Public Library) 7:00pm

Oct. 8 - LaCrosse (Northside Policing Station) 7:00pm

Oct. 12 - Stevens Point (TBD) 6:00pm

Oct. 16 - Eau Claire (TBD) 2:00pm

Oct. 18 - West Allis Public Library 6:30

Oct. 19 - Waukesha Repub. HQ - 6:30pm

Racine/Kenosha - Trainings run by Lou - TBD (Location and Time)

Call Jon Waclawski at 608-239-2996 to arrange a training program.

Who Can Observe? Each and Every One of Us

When and Where Can You Observe?

1. At the Polling Place on Election Day (including the Primary)

2. At the Polling Place After the Polls Close

3. Absentee Ballot Count Locations (ask your clerk)

4. During Absentee Voting in a Clerk’s Office STARTED TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. At Nursing Homes, etc., Prior to the Election

We have the tools to make you an Effective Observer:

1. Election Observer Manual

2. Companion PowerPoint Presentation

Where can I find these tools:

Where do I sign up? Go to

The GOP has the infrastructure and an attorney in place to help us facilitate this effort of keeping our elections fair and honest. Sign-up and training classes are open to the general public.

Upon contacting the Wisconsin Democrat Party, they provided no link for training or sign-up.


The We’re Watching Wisconsin Elections Campaign is an unaffiliated group of concerned citizens who follow issues affecting Wisconsin elections.

Links: Practically Speaking, Betterbrookfield, RandyMelchert, Jay Weber, Vicki McKenna, The Right View Wisconsin, CNS News, Mark Levin, Breitbart BigGovernment, The Heritage Foundation

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